About us

Studio FH is a small group of passionate architects specialising in the design and implementation of ecological architecture in East Africa. Founded in 2013 by German-Swedish architect Felix Holland and operating out of Kampala, Uganda, our work includes educational, tourism, health, commercial and residential projects.

We are guided by the belief that good architecture can make the world a better place. While many of our projects operate on very low budgets and are located in challenging environments, we are of the view that poverty alone is not a good enough excuse for unimaginative design and poor construction quality. Proving this is our daily challenge, one which we embrace with great joy.


We like to develop our designs in a non-hierarchical studio atmosphere, without preconceived answers, off-the-shelf solutions or a ‘signature style’. Every client, every design brief and every location constitute a unique blend of requirements calling for an individual, tailor-made response.

‘Green’ is important to us, and our concept of it is basic and holistic. We are less interested in calculating and offsetting carbon footprints or deploying post-design high-tech to improve the performance of our buildings. Instead, we focus on the most fundamental of design decisions to be in harmony with the environment we find ourselves working in; where we site a building, how we shape and orientate it, how we ventilate it and protect it from rain, the materials we use, the details we develop — a location-sensitive, adaptive design philosophy nurturing inventive, local solutions. This is our understanding of ‘eco’.

We do like to experiment with appropriate technologies as well — biogas digesters, swales, rainwater harvesting, solar power — but our understanding of ‘sustainability’ also includes a sober analysis of budgetary efficiency, serviceability and maintenance-friendliness.


We offer the full scope of architectural services, from inception to completion. We believe in taking full personal responsibility at senior level across the entire lifespan of a project. Our engagement is not limited by a standard scope of services, but by the passion to deliver carefully crafted projects which make a difference to client and community alike.

We are part of a closely-knit team of building professionals that also includes civil/structural and mechanical/electrical engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers, landscape designers and environmental specialists. As a group, we offer a one-stop solution for comprehensive construction consultancy with a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects in difficult environments.