Karamoja Primary Schools

Karamoja Primary Schools

These two primary schools are located in immediate adjacency to Kidepo Valley National Park in Karamoja/North-eastern Uganda and form part of the 'Classroom Africa' programme of the African Wildlife Foundation. The aim of this programme is to provide incentives to the local population to embrace wildlife and learn to see it as an opportunity rather than a threat to their livelihoods.

Due to the remoteness of the sites and the associated high transport costs, building materials have been carefully selected to be sourced locally as much as possible. The Kidepo area has beautiful local stone which is utilised for foundations and plinth walls. Compressed earth blocks form the upper part of the walls. Sliding and top-hung steel panels made of woven strips of metal sheets form windows and doors, and provide shading and security at the same time.

An unusual amount of care is being given to the landscape design which is seen by the Client as key towards fostering a better relationship between people and nature. Existing trees are being protected, local species added and innovative forms of appropriate agriculture added in the form of demonstration farms and gardens.


Geremech and Sarachom, Karamoja, Uganda

Service provided


Other Consultants

The Landscape Studio (Landscape), Aquila Gallery (Structural Engineers), Equatorsun (MEP Engineers), Dudley Kasibante and Partners (QS & Project Managers)

Gross floor area


Cost per Sqm

$380 excl. VAT

Project status

Technical design

Karamoja Primary Schools